Monday, August 21, 2017

Going Down The Rabbit Hole

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Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Hello there! I'm back at it again! We've been visiting themed cafes a lot lately and This was one in our list. Carl took me here after a friend of ours, Juno, told him about this newly opened tea salon. It was a bit hard to find because it isn't facing any of the main roads in Ortigas. Nevertheless, we got there. The ambience was really nice! The had the tall chairs and chess board where you can take photos. It's quite identical to what was in the movie.

This was my breakfast and Carl's 2nd breakfast. He got a chocolate cake and hot english breakfast tea to match. I got a cheesecake and iced oolong tea. No, the tea wasn't at all sweet. It was normal oolong tea with ice. haha! I like my tea and coffee bitter.

Then there's the boyfriend taking photos for his instagram feed. haha!

There's even a "Drink Me" sign near the tall chairs and chess board.

Excuse the boyfriend's awkward smile. lol. Overall, I liked the pastries. Both the cakes were super dense moist something I look forward to in every bite. I didn't get to taste Carl's hot tea, but he said it was good. Mine was also good. It has this strong oolong flavor that I love. :) 

I loved this about their interior! The cups that hung above me are just picture perfect. It's just so pretty to look at. Anyway, their price ranges from 70-300 Php and they're open daily from 8AM to 10PM. They're located at the Ground Floor, The Pearl Place, Pearl Drive Corner Gold Loop,Ortigas, Pasig City.

Would go back and take my momma or girlfriends with me for some afternoon chitchat over some tea.

from my heart to yours,

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hello Kitty Cafe

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Hello Kitty Cafe

Hi all! This is long over due. I'm such an awful "blogger" for not putting this up earlier. I think it was around the last week of July when Carl and I got to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe. The cafe was still on its soft opening when we visited so the items on the menu were limited. Nevertheless, I was literally so happy. If you don't already know, I go cray-cray over Hello Kitty! Like my eyes are gonna pop out of its sockets because the interior of the cafe is just perfect! It's such an eye candy! 

This is so hard to make an honest review of because you know how we can all be biased with the brands we grew up loving; but I'll do my best. *winks*

As I have said, the menu was quite limited that time so I ordered the Pink Carbonara and this Matcha Frappe. I think this stood out the most coz, for me, it was the best matcha frappe I've had creamy and not too strong. I am amazed at how the matcha flavor was not washed down by the milkyness/ creaminess. I think it is just the right mix of matcha and milk. Another point to note is that I'm not really a fan of the extra whipped cream cafes usually put ontop of drinks. I find it too thick and I get this guilty feeling of drinking fat. *pouts* However, I found their whipped cream quite light and cloudy and is therefore forgivable to slurp away. haha.

This is Carl's drink. Such manliness in this cup of coffee. I think he felt like it was too pretty to stir so he asked me to do the heart-wrenching task of adding in sugar and stirring. I died a little inside. I remember him saying it's just normal coffee. nothing really special.

This was Carl's Spaghetti Bolognese. It came with cute little ham sandwiches with a Hello Kitty print. I actually wished I ordered this coz it looked so appetizing. The boyfriend, however, said it tasted quite normal. 

Now this, my friends, is my Pink Carbonara which I only ordered because I'm so shallow I got intrigued with the "PINK" on the menu. Sorry Hello Kitty, this didn't look too appetizing for me. It actually looked kinda gross but I still ate it anyway coz I didn't have anything for breakfast that day and I was so hungry and the food was already there. Taste-wise, it was a normal carbonara. There wasn't really anything special about it. Also, my heart broke a bit again when I sliced open the egg on top.

This was what we had for dessert. We shared because the pasta serving is quite big and we were just so full. Again, I ordered this because of aesthetics. I don't even know the name of this dessert but I thought this was the prettiest dessert they had on display. Don't judge me. I'm a sucker for cute stuff.

I was quite surprised with the dessert because I really don't like gooey coconut flavored sweets but this one just got me. I never thought I'd develop a liking for coconut based desserts; so yay, Hello Kitty Cafe! I just had a life changing experience. lolz.

Overall taste-wise, I think their frappes and pastries are really good, everything else is just average. The ambience and interior is perfect. The service is great. The price ranges from 250-600 Php. I would recommend this place to Hello Kitty fans who just wanna chill over some pastries and I would definitely recommend the Matcha Frappe!

For more photos, you can visit the boyfriend's IG: @cj_wy 
Whenever we go somewhere new, he just goes cray-cray over taking as much photos of me and the place. He's such a huge help because I am  almost always lazy to take pics. If it's not yet obvious, the first and last pics on this post were from his phone. haha. *grateful* 

The Hello Kitty Cafe is at the 3rd Floor of Uptown Place Mall in BGC, Taguig. They're open Monday-Sunday | 11AM- 10PM :)

from my heart to yours,

Sunday, August 6, 2017


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[ The article below is written by my boyfriend, Carl, who has always been so supportive of me maintaining and running this blog. I honestly did not expect him to write about us but he did in the most shocking lovely manner. Hi Babe! Here's the article you wrote. :) 我爱你. ]

Choice, \ˈchȯis\ as per Merriam-Webster is the act of choosing or the power of choosing. However, choosing not to read my girlfriend's blog and random musings is a choice that you are allowed to make.

Since you made it to the second paragraph of this entry, I guess you chose to stick around a little more and idly allow me to try to fill your thoughts or sway your ideas about choice. First of, we were always taught that as humans, being the superior species in this world, always control our what happens in our lives. That my friend, as we all know is BS, as we don’t get to choose what society and era we get to live our little precious lives. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing about democracy nor life counselling stuff that would be too heavy to read, I’m no subject expert nor do I take myself too seriously to dwell into those topics. I’m here to write about a choice that I have made a few months ago. A choice that is not forced upon me and one of the few things that is within our control, the choice to love.

With the advent of social media, the world has become so interconnected that we can reach anyone from the other side of the world in just a click of a button. This "interconnectedness" is a far cry from the voyages, snail mail, telegrams, and most recently emails that came to pass. Life as we know it has been so fast and convenient, that not only are we limited to instant noodles or instant messages, we are now transitioning to instant jobs and life partners. Work and relationship status nowadays change easily and as frequently as we change clothes thanks to LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, and online dating sites/apps.

All these choices are a good thing, this gives us more options. Imagine the not so distant alternative of quick fixes, facsimile (fax us your resumes at #####) and speed dating. Now, this may be a good thing for professionals looking for greener pastures, but not so for companies retaining their top talents, but this new found power and benefits of interconnectedness is also affecting the dating scene and the way we connect and find love. Imagine the feeling of an HR Manager having to constantly incentivize or promote their employees so as to manage their churn rates. Now transfer that thought process in a man or woman in the 21st  century just looking for sincere and pure affection, people who were programmed to believe in true love and grew up in Disney’s happily ever after. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and all the other princesses just have one choice, and that’s “Prince Charming”, but how about Prince Charming? Yes, that same Prince Charming is what a single dating man and woman in the 21st century have become, he/she has a lot of choices in front of them, so they can easily jump from one damsel in distress to another or choose to stick with their current flame for better and for worse.

A year ago, I met a girl among the plethora of 21st century singles of our generation and lucked out. I found somebody who shares the same values as me who just wants to love and be loved in the purest sense of the word. She, like any other hopeless romantic in our current era and society, who is also faced with the same choices, options, apps, websites everyday CHOSE to give us a chance. I guess, all I’m saying is, it’s harder to find love at this day and age given all the given options to choose from, but at the end of the day, it’s the choices of every human being to choose who they love and devote their life too. It’s a matter of values and morals, then choosing not to be tempted with all the choices that are being thrown at us. Much like everything that is important in our lives, if it really is important, then you should have NO CHOICE but to protect it. If you choose not to, then it was never really important to begin with. This my reader, is the power of choice. No one should be able to tell you that you have no choice over matters of your own heart. If you desire it, choose it, choose love.

P.S. This has been my first time in what seemed like ages (well, a little over have a decade maybe, to be less exaggerated) to pen something that isn’t a school or office mandated writing. Shout out to this cute and lovely girl who coerced me to write this. Admittedly, I didn’t thought it would be quite therapeutic and surprisingly showed me the current cynical person I’ve become through the years.


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Gratitude Journal: Vol. 3

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Gratitude Journal: Vol. 3

Hi, all!

It has been a while, I know. A lot has happened to me the past month. If we're friends on facebook, you probably already know that life hasn't been so good to me lately. I feel so out of control in everything that's happening in my life and it scares me. I tried writing about how I'm feeling; however, I thought the rawness of it all might scare you off. So here's a snippet: My once calm sea of emotions got stirred and to be honest, it's a storm in me. Wave after wave, I'm facing head on and I'm trying my best not to drown. 

This premature quarter life crisis hit me hard. It hit me so hard that I am now questioning every decision I made and every little thing going on in my life. 

I may have missed last month's gratitude journal entry, but I sure did learn a lot. I'm trying to make myself a better person for the people who love me and most importantly for myself and my future family. So now I find myself writing my 3rd gratitude journal entry, a month late, with much enthusiasm to share with you the life lessons that took me forever and a person (almost) to realize.

Before I go to Part One, here's my signature irrelevant photo dump: *giggles*

{Part Un}
  1. PHOTOS. I seriously have a poor memory. I often forget things that I shouldn't. So thank God for photos! I have also learned to take as much as you can with people you cherish the most. yes, photos are a big deal coz it's a way to immortalize a moment. Take as much (don't care how quirky you appear to be) as you can in places you want to remember and with people you love most. I'm always afraid to forget, but I always do. Photos are powerful. sometimes I look at photos and it brings me back to the feelings that I felt that actual moment. most of which are happy coz nobody takes photos of themselves crying, right? haha
  2. TODAY. I'm thankful for today and every day of my life. Even if it's hard for me to look at things in life positively lately, I still am grateful for being able to breathe and live. Sometimes, when life gets hard, it's hard to find a reason to live and be grateful for it; but it's good to know that I got someone who loves me every day-- which makes waking up something to look forward to.
  3. TRUST. I'm grateful, beyond words, to people who has faith in me despite being a nobody. I have learned that no matter how hurt we were before and no matter how much we are hurting at this very moment, we should give people the trust they deserve. I never expected to learn this from someone who has trust issues; nevertheless, I'm thankful. You see, I always get comments on how much I trust people easily and lose it the moment they disappoint me (even indirectly). I guess I'm just afraid to get more disappointed and I try to gain control over every situation. I'm working on this.
  4. ALLERGIES. I'm allergic to Capsaicin. Don't know what it is? Feel free to look it up on google. It's mostly found in spicy food and I love spicy! Not long ago, I was home alone and had serious palpitations then I had a hard time breathing that I panicked while talking to doctor friends over the phone. I seriously thought I was gonna die. No joke. Long story short, I'm thankful for my allergy. It made me realize something about having limits and boundaries. It reminded me that I'm no superhero and I should be taking care of myself more and not take my body (or any human's) for granted.
  5. TWO PEOPLE. I rarely talk drama with my friends. It's kinda hard for me to show my vulnerability to people-- even those I'm close with. I have this feeling that it'll be somehow used against me. Trust issues, I know. There are only 2 people on my list who I trust with my thoughts and feelings. You guys know who you are. Thank you for diving and swimming with me in this sea of thoughts and emotions. Thank you for not judging even when you've seen my deepest and darkest side. Thank you for never leaving even when I'm overwhelming. Thank you for helping me go through all these.
  6. COMFORT FOOD. *disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post but I'd be more than happy to make one for you, Jollibee!* Jolly Spaghetti will forever have a special place in my heart. Like ice cream, it just makes everything a lot better. 

{Part Deux}

Aucun. Rest.

from my heart to yours,

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix In A Bottle

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Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix In A Bottle

I can't go through the day without coffee. Either I get really cranky or I get an awful headache. I saw Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's cold brew coffee (Viennese Blend) a few days ago and thought that it was the cutest thing so I got one around lunch today because I haven't had my caffeine fix for the day and I needed it badly. I was glad to see the 4 options of how you want your coffee to be-- Light Roast, Medium Roast, Medium-Dark Roast, and Dark Roast. I opted for the medium-dark roast. I can say that it is fairly priced at 145Php because it does its job just fine-- to wake me up. Here's my full rating of the product: