Sunday, August 06, 2017

[ The article below is written by my boyfriend, Carl, who has always been so supportive of me maintaining and running this blog. I honestly did not expect him to write about us but he did in the most shocking lovely manner. Hi Babe! Here's the article you wrote. :) 我爱你. ]

Choice, \ˈchȯis\ as per Merriam-Webster is the act of choosing or the power of choosing. However, choosing not to read my girlfriend's blog and random musings is a choice that you are allowed to make.

Since you made it to the second paragraph of this entry, I guess you chose to stick around a little more and idly allow me to try to fill your thoughts or sway your ideas about choice. First of, we were always taught that as humans, being the superior species in this world, always control our what happens in our lives. That my friend, as we all know is BS, as we don’t get to choose what society and era we get to live our little precious lives. Don’t worry, I won’t be writing about democracy nor life counselling stuff that would be too heavy to read, I’m no subject expert nor do I take myself too seriously to dwell into those topics. I’m here to write about a choice that I have made a few months ago. A choice that is not forced upon me and one of the few things that is within our control, the choice to love.

With the advent of social media, the world has become so interconnected that we can reach anyone from the other side of the world in just a click of a button. This "interconnectedness" is a far cry from the voyages, snail mail, telegrams, and most recently emails that came to pass. Life as we know it has been so fast and convenient, that not only are we limited to instant noodles or instant messages, we are now transitioning to instant jobs and life partners. Work and relationship status nowadays change easily and as frequently as we change clothes thanks to LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, and online dating sites/apps.

All these choices are a good thing, this gives us more options. Imagine the not so distant alternative of quick fixes, facsimile (fax us your resumes at #####) and speed dating. Now, this may be a good thing for professionals looking for greener pastures, but not so for companies retaining their top talents, but this new found power and benefits of interconnectedness is also affecting the dating scene and the way we connect and find love. Imagine the feeling of an HR Manager having to constantly incentivize or promote their employees so as to manage their churn rates. Now transfer that thought process in a man or woman in the 21st  century just looking for sincere and pure affection, people who were programmed to believe in true love and grew up in Disney’s happily ever after. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and all the other princesses just have one choice, and that’s “Prince Charming”, but how about Prince Charming? Yes, that same Prince Charming is what a single dating man and woman in the 21st century have become, he/she has a lot of choices in front of them, so they can easily jump from one damsel in distress to another or choose to stick with their current flame for better and for worse.

A year ago, I met a girl among the plethora of 21st century singles of our generation and lucked out. I found somebody who shares the same values as me who just wants to love and be loved in the purest sense of the word. She, like any other hopeless romantic in our current era and society, who is also faced with the same choices, options, apps, websites everyday CHOSE to give us a chance. I guess, all I’m saying is, it’s harder to find love at this day and age given all the given options to choose from, but at the end of the day, it’s the choices of every human being to choose who they love and devote their life too. It’s a matter of values and morals, then choosing not to be tempted with all the choices that are being thrown at us. Much like everything that is important in our lives, if it really is important, then you should have NO CHOICE but to protect it. If you choose not to, then it was never really important to begin with. This my reader, is the power of choice. No one should be able to tell you that you have no choice over matters of your own heart. If you desire it, choose it, choose love.

P.S. This has been my first time in what seemed like ages (well, a little over have a decade maybe, to be less exaggerated) to pen something that isn’t a school or office mandated writing. Shout out to this cute and lovely girl who coerced me to write this. Admittedly, I didn’t thought it would be quite therapeutic and surprisingly showed me the current cynical person I’ve become through the years.


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