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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hi all! This is long over due. I'm such an awful "blogger" for not putting this up earlier. I think it was around the last week of July when Carl and I got to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe. The cafe was still on its soft opening when we visited so the items on the menu were limited. Nevertheless, I was literally so happy. If you don't already know, I go cray-cray over Hello Kitty! Like my eyes are gonna pop out of its sockets because the interior of the cafe is just perfect! It's such an eye candy! 

This is so hard to make an honest review of because you know how we can all be biased with the brands we grew up loving; but I'll do my best. *winks*

As I have said, the menu was quite limited that time so I ordered the Pink Carbonara and this Matcha Frappe. I think this stood out the most coz, for me, it was the best matcha frappe I've had creamy and not too strong. I am amazed at how the matcha flavor was not washed down by the milkyness/ creaminess. I think it is just the right mix of matcha and milk. Another point to note is that I'm not really a fan of the extra whipped cream cafes usually put ontop of drinks. I find it too thick and I get this guilty feeling of drinking fat. *pouts* However, I found their whipped cream quite light and cloudy and is therefore forgivable to slurp away. haha.

This is Carl's drink. Such manliness in this cup of coffee. I think he felt like it was too pretty to stir so he asked me to do the heart-wrenching task of adding in sugar and stirring. I died a little inside. I remember him saying it's just normal coffee. nothing really special.

This was Carl's Spaghetti Bolognese. It came with cute little ham sandwiches with a Hello Kitty print. I actually wished I ordered this coz it looked so appetizing. The boyfriend, however, said it tasted quite normal. 

Now this, my friends, is my Pink Carbonara which I only ordered because I'm so shallow I got intrigued with the "PINK" on the menu. Sorry Hello Kitty, this didn't look too appetizing for me. It actually looked kinda gross but I still ate it anyway coz I didn't have anything for breakfast that day and I was so hungry and the food was already there. Taste-wise, it was a normal carbonara. There wasn't really anything special about it. Also, my heart broke a bit again when I sliced open the egg on top.

This was what we had for dessert. We shared because the pasta serving is quite big and we were just so full. Again, I ordered this because of aesthetics. I don't even know the name of this dessert but I thought this was the prettiest dessert they had on display. Don't judge me. I'm a sucker for cute stuff.

I was quite surprised with the dessert because I really don't like gooey coconut flavored sweets but this one just got me. I never thought I'd develop a liking for coconut based desserts; so yay, Hello Kitty Cafe! I just had a life changing experience. lolz.

Overall taste-wise, I think their frappes and pastries are really good, everything else is just average. The ambience and interior is perfect. The service is great. The price ranges from 250-600 Php. I would recommend this place to Hello Kitty fans who just wanna chill over some pastries and I would definitely recommend the Matcha Frappe!

For more photos, you can visit the boyfriend's IG: @cj_wy 
Whenever we go somewhere new, he just goes cray-cray over taking as much photos of me and the place. He's such a huge help because I am  almost always lazy to take pics. If it's not yet obvious, the first and last pics on this post were from his phone. haha. *grateful* 

The Hello Kitty Cafe is at the 3rd Floor of Uptown Place Mall in BGC, Taguig. They're open Monday-Sunday | 11AM- 10PM :)

from my heart to yours,

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