Things Happened

by - 11/20/2017 05:53:00 PM

Some months ago I found myself being not myself.

You get me, right?

Or is it just me?

I got all the time to do the things I know I love doing such as sitting in a corner for hours on end just reading a book or locking myself in my room while I paint and inhale the intoxicating turpentine then get reprimanded when my mom finds out I've been painting in my room again; but when I'm about to, I suddenly don't feel like doing anything.

I'm weird, I know.

To be fair with me, I would like to think that it's not entirely my fault that I'm in this state. Life just happens and people outgrow old hobbies/ passions and learn new ones.

I guess this is brought about by slowly passing another level of maturity.

Woohoo! Yay! Hooray!
I guess?


OMG! As I am writing right now, I suddenly remembered one of the many cringe-worthy moments of my life. I had a book launching in Region IV-A when I was 16 as part of my high school requirement. It took me months to decide if I am to do a thesis or book launching.

I went with book launching 4 months before graduation. In 4 months (which my teacher says isn't enough time), I had to write short stories, a play, poems, etc. What I did was just compile everything I had so I won't have to do so much. It went well and smooth and I was glad I chose book launching over thesis.

Compiling all my written outputs felt like a seriously good hack.

Then came the time when I had to name the book and I seriously regret naming it after a lame pun which I will not name kasi baka hanapin niyo pa; edi pahiya na naman ako diba? Okay na to, atleast sa sarili ko lang ako napapahiya. Carl, fam, and HS friends... you know what I'm talking about. Gosh, commercial lang po. Masyado ako nadidistract ng mga ala-alang nakakapanindig balahibo. Haha!


Okay... Maturity...
Back to the topic...

Carl got me a puppy to surprise me on my birthday and it serves as his anniversary gift as well which all happened in the month of October. I was really surprised and happy with the gift. I named the puppy Tony. Coz you know, Tony Stark, my love. Hihi

It was barely a week when we got him that he got diagnosed with parvo. I noticed his poop isn't formed with a few streaks of blood in it and he started vomiting. I'm not going to tell the whole story in detail because it still hurts quite a bit.

Parvo is a virus that is potentially fatal to dogs as it targets your dog's immune system making him susceptible to secondary infections. There are no specific medications for this virus but to keep the dog hydrated and boost his immune system with vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

I cried til my eyes hurt after the doctor talked to us about his condition. He got confined and was given antibiotics and other meds. He was force fed and he was on IV to counter the possibility of getting dehydrated because of his diarrhea.

We visited Tony as often as we could. Carl's dad visited Tony too. My family also visited Tony and we prayed for him. Throughout the week, we continuously prayed for Tony's healing.

God is good and merciful. He answered our prayer!
Tony got well! I took him home a day after he was cleared of parvo.

My mom would tell me, "Aso pa lang yan, sobrang alaga ka na. What more pag sariling anak mo na?" Now I had a glimpse of what it is like to be a mom or just have another living being depend on you for its survival. It's no joke. What happened was painful but it taught me a lot about life and it forced me to step a few levels up in maturity.

It's just really one of those moments when you have nothing to hold on to but faith. I know medyo madrama ang lola niyo ngayon no. But it's my baby Tony we're talking about here ya know?! haha!

Okay... that's enough for now. Will blog again soon. I promise. hihi.

Oh btw, Tony has his own IG: @mrtonybwy
You can go over and check it out!

from my heart to yours,

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