2017 Highlights

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Hi Guys! It's January 4th 2018! I really wanted to get this out before the first week of January ends so I'm super sorry if this whole post is unedited.

I hope to make new super exciting memories this year so I decided to welcome the new year with a list of the things that made my 2017 special.

  • Best place I've been to: Pinto Art Museum. In 2017, there wasn't much travelling for me as compared to the previous years (2010-2015) where I ended up feeling like some destinations are actually home because of too much familiarity. 2016 and 2017 were those years where I was "adulting" like crazy! I started to have too much going on in my life in 2016 which continued throughout 2017 that I barely had time for myself. It was an extremely long and draining process. Carl knew how much I love going to museums and he knew for sure how much I wanted to go to Pinto Art Museum (which is in Antipolo). He doesn't really like long drives to unfamiliar places but he took me there and it was amazing. It actually didn't feel like a museum at all. It gave off a "home-y" vibe and I felt like I was just playing around an ancestral house with super cool art pieces and installations.
  • Best food I've had: Smoked Salmon Toast from Wild Flour. It's another one of those breakfast entrees that I don't mind having for lunch or dinner. It's salmon! If I had to choose one fish I would eat for a year, it would definitely be salmon. Thing is, what I loved about this is the fact that it has everything I love in one plate! Salmon, poached egg, and toast! I mean.. c'mmon! How would that go wrong? I first had this before Pau went to the States to study. Carl, Tine, Howie, and I had a mini despedida brunch for her. My mom and my titas reading would probably think that the smoked salmon toast isn't filling enough to have for brunch. The serving is so big I actually thought it's for sharing. I ate the whole thing anyway.
  • Best item bought: H&M Little Black Dress. I was super happy when I got this because it was the first time I got myself a dress that's less than 500Php! Quality is good and goshhh... the value for money is soooo over the top! It's such a steal! I wouldn't really mind wearing something cheap if it the quality is good (Except for skincare and makeup. Do not compromise on skin care!) I mean... a decent, cute, and comfy dress that's less than 500Php?! It's a no-brainer! I just had to get it. It was on sale and the original price was a little over 1000Php. I got it when Carl and I went to Mega Mall for our usual date and discovered that his boss had set up a food stall at a parenting event in Mega Mall. We decided to go and support his boss. We were in our super laid back comfy clothes, not expecting to meet anyone, so we "just had to get ourselves presentable". That's his excuse for shopping coz I think he looked fine even before shopping. Me? haha! I was wearing my white  UP shirt with my loose denim capri pants. haha. 
  • Best book I've read: American Gods. I got this book at the International Manila Book Fair. Carl and I went there and I actually had a list of books to buy but I accidentally deleted it while I was browsing through the list. So I ended up hoarding Neil Gaiman books. I would've bought Markus Zusak books but his books are just so hard to find. You see, there were so many people. I kid you not, around 11am, we could barely walk straight! What's funny about the whole thing is it was Carl's first time to go to a book fair and he really didn't have any book to buy in mind. He just took me there; but he ended up hoarding so many books (most of which are hard bound) so you could just imagine us carrying three large plastic bags of books around MOA while looking for a place to have lunch. haha! Okay, back to the topic. I only finished 4 books this year (which is a far cry from the number of books I read in the previous years) and one of those is Neil Gaiman's American Gods. What I liked about this book is that it is just so thrilling! I have loved Neil Gaiman's books ever since I discovered them in high school. He just has this way of incredibly narrating a fantasy story. I am not going to spoil it to you. You have to read it or watch it! I believe they released a TV series for this.
  • Best present received: Tony. A chow mix Carl got for me as an early birthday and anniversary present. To be honest, when he told me we were going to fetch a pup I got all excited and scared at the same time. I guess that's "motherhood" kicking in. I grew up in a house with more than 1 dog. We always had dogs. I don't remember a year in my life not having dogs in the family; but they were my dad's or my mom's. They weren't mine to take care of. Nevertheless, I was excited to have a furbaby of my own to cuddle with and I had no idea that I'd be scared of the responsibilities that comes with having another life depend on me. Anxiety hit me a few minutes after my excitement level went down a bit. I guess this is somehow close to what parenting feels like. It was love at first sight! Then I held him and carried him in my arms... and he stunk so bad because he have not had his first bath at 3 months old. It's okay though coz he's just so adorable. He is, by far, the best present Carl has given me (aside from the musical plays he took me to). A week after, he was diagnosed with parvo. I wrote a summary here. Getting a pup is like having a baby. It is hard work but it's all worth it now that I see him happy and healthy.
Now that I have finished writing this... I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

from my heart to yours,

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