The Dessert Museum | Sweetest Date, literally.

Monday, April 02, 2018

Hi guys! Forgive me. This post is way too late. I did some major re-organizing in my life. My original plans that I have set and laid out for my life have gone through a series of drastic changes last year. I think it was mainly because there was a shift in my perspective on life. I'll be blogging again regularly now. Yes, like the old days. Time to fill this web log up again with happiness and other sweet stuff that I'm sure will make me smile when I look back. 

That being said, Carl and I just had our sweetest date experience two weeks ago. Literally sweet. We consumed 6 desserts (each) in a span of 2 hours! We're so glad we brought water with us because that much sugar will surely make us sick. The week before that, we both had tonsillitis and we were still recovering when we visited The Dessert Museum.

I bought our tickets online just coz it's more convenient and it's a bit cheaper than buying it as a walk-in customer. They have limited slots (around 20) per scheduled tour so it's really more convenient to book online with your friends to be sure you get the schedule you want. You can pay it with your card.

I reserved us morning slots because I thought we were gonna meet someone in Green Hills afterwards; but I was badly mistaken because it was actually supposed to be the next week. We got there 15 mins early. I showed the e-ticket and we got our blue wrist bands to claim our desserts inside. There's a tour guide available to explain the concept of each room and help you take your photos. 

Here are our photos:

Room #1: Doughnut room. It's literally filled with doughnuts. Hanging doughnuts everywhere!

The tour guide is so kind to take this photo of me and Carl which is now one of my favorite photos of us.

There's this doughnut wall too!

Room #2: Marshmallow room wherein we got our first serving of dessert. Mine was strawberry chocolate coated marshmallow and Carl got the cocoa chocolate coated marshmallow.

Blurred photo next! I was moving (low key dancing like a little happy kid). 

These two doors (naughty or nice) will take you down on two different paths but will definitely lead to one candy cane themed room with macarons for dessert!

Room #3: Giant candy canes were placed near the center of the blue and pink sides of the room.

There's a giant jump rope attached to the ceiling.

Then there's this swing I had the most fun playing around. There was also a seesaw but I won't post the  photo here coz I looked awkward.

Not sure if this is supposed to be the bubble gum section of the room.

Us on the swing! One of the tour guides helped take this photo.

Room #4: Ice cream room. To be honest, I want to thank the tour guide who took this photo of us. It's so pretty. It makes me want to pop all the balloons. hehe. Also, yes, we're eating ice cream. Probably the best dessert we had here.

Room #5: This is the bubble room. There's this ginormous plastic inflated orb filled with balloons. 

Room #6: The gummy bear room is one of the cutest rooms! I love gummies too! Carl even gave me his gummies to eat!

me and the gummy bear trivia wall.

Room #7: Second to the last room was the cotton candy room. It's just sooo pink I almost never wanted to leave.

Room #8: Inverted cake pops that looked like Miley Cyrus' wrecking ball. Feel free to cringe at our cheesy couple photo! haha. We don't care coz we're happy.

All rooms are 100% instagrammable! 
Desserts are good (get the mango ice cream! It has real mango chunks in it. It's just sooo good!)
Staff are helpful and polite
Adequate time is given for you to take enough photos with each display in each room.
Entrance fee is quite pricey. 
Waiting time per batch to be accommodated is tolerable

The pros outweigh the cons. So yeah, It's worth your time and moolah.

The Dessert Museum is located at Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
Tickets for walk-in visitors is 799Php while tickets booked online would cost 699Php, plus payment fees.

For more info, visit their page! Click link below. 

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