Dear Reader,

I have totally no idea how to start this letter... It's like I have so much and nothing to say at the same time. It's crazy, I know. Or maybe I really do have a lot to say... but I just don't know how to? I don't know. I'm not so sure myself. If you don't fancy my stories, then go ahead and exit anytime. There's a bazillion people out there who might actually want to listen-- those who'd listen to criticize my writing or my existence to put me down and those who'd listen for an exchange of ideas and to encourage me and all the people around him. Either way, I'm still going to write. Oh, and please don't think I'm not aware of my flaws... because I am actually aware of even the tiniest bit. My humor may be as bad as your morning breath but I'm trying... Infact, I actually just typed, "How To Be Funny" on my Google search bar just so I'd be able to cure my "humor deficiency." You see, my life story may not be as interesting as yours... and maybe one day I'll look back to read every cringe-worthy blog post I've ever written and told myself "you suck" more than all those times you actually thought I did suck at writing. But for now, let me tell you my stories-- the stories I've been wanting to tell but never had a chance. 

Sushi Details

Name: Yumi
Title: Goodwill Ambassador of JP to PH
Birthday: October 3, 1993
Zodiac: Libra | Rooster
Nationality: Fil- Chi

Working or studying?: Both
What do you do?: Marketing and Communications; Digital Marketing, Research, and Business Dev.
School: University of the Philippines Diliman (Current)
Undergraduate degree: AB Communication (Media Studies)
Graduate degree: AB Linguistics (Current)

Japan Details

Contacts: JICC, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, PIA, (Former) Philippine Pres. Sec. Coloma
Place of stay: Tokyo & Chiba